Hair Transplant In Patiala

Removal Of Birthmarks/ Haemangioma/ Portwine Stains / Vascular Malformation

hair transplant in patialaThere is a great amount of curiosity and anxiety about the baby that gets relieved after looking at the lovely face and cute little body of the little angel. Few parents are not so lucky and there is a greater amount of anxiety and frustration if there are some disorders like haemangioma, portwine stains, birth marks or vascular malformation. The medical terminology is quite frightening and equally disturbing are these disorders. Although in most of the cases these are harmless and only put cosmetic impact, in very rare occurrence it can cause serious harm. Parents get tremendous mental pressure because of it. However, one thing has to be understood very clearly that it is a medical problem and for every problem there is a solution.

Birth Marks : Birth marks are perhaps the least bothering among all by-birth disorders. These are flat or raised patches of different colours ranging from black, blue, pink, pale yellow or purple. The size may vary from a millimetre to a few centimetres.

hair transplant in patialaHaemangioma : It is a non-cancerous tumour of the skin and generally appears by birth. In rare cases, it gets developed during the initial months after the birth. Most of these occur in the head or neck portion and the probability of occurring it much more in female child as compared to male child. This can present on the top most layer of the skin, deeper in the skin or both. The appearance of Haemangioma is very disturbing and therefore has to be cured as early as possible.

Portwine Stains : Portwine stains are normally pink in colour and flat. The colour gets turned into dark red or purple as the child gets old. Normally it occurs on the face, but sometimes it appears on the other parts of the body as well. The skin gets thicker with the time. The appearance of portwine stains is also disturbing and impacts the beauty and aesthetic value a lot.

Vascular Malformation : These are also a type of birth mark made up of unwanted growth of arteries, capillaries and veins. There are many types of vascular malformation and they affect the body in many types.

Vitiligo / Leucoderma

White patches (vitiligo / leucoderma) of the skin can be treated surgically by transferring melanin pigment. This is usually done by taking some part of skin from one part of body and transfering it to white patch after preparing it with laser or dermabrasion. This is done on outdoor basis (no need of admission) and results are extremely satisfying.