Hair Transplant In Patiala

Botox Botulinum Type – A

hair transplant in patialaForehead wrinkles and the wrinkles around eyes especially during face movements make you unattractive and older than you are. Thanks to Botox which saves us from big surgical procedures and leads to younger appearance in instant and painless way. This has also become a wonderful tool to change your wide face into a longer slimmer face like model that too in permanent way.

Purpose :- Instant removal of forehead wrinkles (forehead lines and frown lines) and wrinkles at eye corners (crow's feet).

Botox can also be used:
To decrease prominent jaw angles and convert your wide round face into a slimmer and longer face (chiseled out or model looks)
For migraine headaches
To treat excessive sweating in armpits, soles and palms
For treatment of writer's cramp

Procedure : It is office based procedure. A small dose of the toxin is injected into the affected muscle blocking the release of a chemical that would otherwise signal the muscle to contract, thus leading to correction of wrinkles. A profound knowledge of anatomy of facial muscles is mandatory for this. Thus botox should be done by highly qualified and experienced doctor.

Duration of Procedure : A few minutes

Anesthesia : Topical or not required

Recovery : Immediate

Longevity of Results : Temporary, usually 6 – 8 months and can be repeated. If repeated accurately, the effect is said to be more or less permanent.

The correction of prominent jaws to convert wide face into more attractive longer face, is permanent as it causes thinning of masseter muscles still maintaining its function.