Hair Transplant In Patiala

Getting Cute Face / Converting Square Face into Long Face

hair transplant in patialaLonger and slimmer face with striking features is what everybody desires to have, especially who have wider and square face with ill-defined features. This can be achieved with combination of various non-surgical and surgical procedures.

Purpose :-
To convert square face having ill-defined features into a longer and slimmer face with sharp features (chiseled out or model like face)
To get appealing looks
To change chubby / puffy looks to sharp features

Procedure :
After meticulous planning various procedures done in combination leads to attractive and appealing face. Most common procedures are:-
Buccal fat removal
Liposuction over chin and jaw area (defining chin / jaw line)
Defining jaw angles

In certain cases, augmentation rhinoplasty along with malar and chin augmentation may be advisable.

Duration of Procedure : 1-4 hour

Anesthesia : General / Local with sedation

Recovery Time : Back to work in 7 to 14 days. You may notice mild swelling / bruising for initial few days.

Longevity of Results : Permanent