Hair Transplant In Patiala

Otoplasty / Prominent (Bat) Ear Correction / Ear ReShaping

hair transplant in patialaOtoplasty is a wonderful procedure to shape up the ear.

Procedure : The incision is made behind the ear in concealed area and the scar is invisible. The existing cartilage is moulded as per requirement and is fixed with retention sutures. A dressing is needed for about a week.

Duration of Procedure : 1-3 hrs

Anesthesia : Local / General

Recovery Time : Back to work within 5 days

Longevity of Results : Permanent

Split Ear Lobe Repair (Lobuloplasty)

Wearing long and heavy earrings may lead to wide ear holes or split ear lobes. This can be very well corrected with a simple procedure called lobuloplasty. The new ear piercing can be done immediately or after few days.

Duration of Procedure : 30 minutes

Anesthesia : Local

Recovery Time : Immediate. The mark is practically imperceptible.

Longevity of Results : Permanent

Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is a painless outdoor procedure.

Duration of Procedure : 5 to 10 minutes

Anesthesia : No / Local

Recovery Time : Immediates