Hair Transplant In Patiala

Eyebrow Lift (Endoscopic)

hair transplant in patialaFrown lines (forehead wrinkles) and drooping / sagging eyebrows can create a tired, angry or sad expression, making you older than you are. Accurately curvaceous brows represent youthfulness and make you attractive.


To reposition the eyebrows

To remove forehead wrinkles thus achieving overall rejuvenation of the area gives you a youthful glowing look


With newer endoscopic technique, thin instruments are put through small incisions hidden in the scalp and the eyebrows are positioned in a more natural location. The forehead muscles responsible for wrinkles can also be corrected simultaneously. The supplementary act of botox has tremendous benefits that too absolutely safe.

Duration of Procedure : 1-3 hrs

Anesthesia : General or local with sedation

Recovery Time : Back to work after one to two days. Vigorous activities should be avoided for 3 – 4 weeks

Longevity of Results : long lasting