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Hymenoplasty (Hymen Repair Surgery, Re-virgination)

hair transplant in patialaHymenoplasty is the procedure to restore natural hymen to regain virginity. In simple words hymenoplasty is repair of broken hymen or ruptured hymen and is the sure shot way to restore or regain virginity. The layered ultrafine microsurgical repair of hymen being done at Dr. Kapoor's Cosmetic Surgery Centre leads to a normal hymen without any sign of repair and without any sign of lost virginity.

At Dr. Kapoor's Cosmetic Surgery Centre, Patiala we follow our unique technique involving multilayered ultrafine repair of the broken hymen or ruptured hymen, thus restoring natural structure of hymen. Unique feature of this technique of hymenoplasty in Patiala carried out at Dr. Kapoor's Cosmetic Surgery Centre is that there are no signs of hymenoplasty procedure done and there are no signs of virginity loss. All we see is the natural intact virgin hymen.

Thus hymen repair basically aims to result in natural hymen as there has been no intercourse. This hymen will rupture during next sexual intercourse and will cause bleeding like in virgin girl.

Hymen is a thin membrane present at the vaginal entrance (introitus). It has an aperture to allow passage of blood during menses after puberty. Natural deep position and natural elasticity of hymen keeps it protected from rupture during day to day activities.

Intact hymen is considered the sign of virginity, as hymen gets broken and ruptured during sexual intercourse. Broken hymen, ruptured hymen is considered the sign of loss of virginity. Sexual intercourse is considered the most common cause of hymen rupture. The first sexual intercourse leading to rupture of hymen is called defloration. Trauma due to excessive athletic activities and perineal tear extending to hymen are among other causes.

We must understand the meanings of Re-virgination (Hymenoplasty) or Complete re-virgination (in which along with hymenoplasty, rejuvenation and re-virgination of adjacent structures is carried out.

Hymenoplasty Procedure

hair transplant in patialaThe aim of restoration of natural hymen is to give a natural elastic virgin hymen that will remain intact permanently unless next sexual intercourse. As mentioned above we follow a unique ultrafine layered microsurgical repair for torn hymen. This three layered closure ensures 100% healing of repaired hymen and hymen remains intact till it serves its purpose of bleeding during post-nuptial first sexual intercourse, which is considered as proof of virginity of the girl.

We have noticed that ruptured hymen or broken hymen has a peculiar anatomy (structure). The remnants of ruptured hymen are almost always present surrounding the wide hole. These remnants or tags are known as carunculae myrtiformis. These remnants are always sufficient to restore a natural virgin hymen.

The margins of ruptured hymen tags are freshened. The anterior (visible outside) and posterior ( present inside) layers are meticulously separated with a skillful dissection. During this, the second layer, present between anterior and posterior layer, is defined. This second layer is strong supporting layer and separation of this layer is extremely important step for restoration of natural hymen.

Once all the three layers have been defined the layered repair of broken hymen is carried out. This is like three layers in sandwich and makes the repair strong. The repaired hymen heals very fast. The integration of well defined layers in the repair ensures 100% healing of hymen which stays like natural virgin elastic hymen. During sexual intercourse this hymen will behave like natural, will rupture and will bleed like a virgin hymen.

Natural Intact Hymen After Hymenoplasty

The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, and takes only 30 minutes. This is painless procedure and you may go home/office immediately after the procedure. You may carry out your day to day activities. Vigorous work or jerky movements should be avoided.

After the procedure no sign/stitch/scar is visible, and nobody can notice that something has been done.

When Hymenoplasty should be done ?

Hymenoplasty can be done one week before marriage, though longer the period before marriage, better the healing. Healing occurs in 7 to 10 days, though it takes about 3 to 4 weeks for the area to become soft.

Hymen Reconstruction : In cases where no remnants of ruptured hymen are present, the natural hymen restoration is achieved by using mucosa of adjacent vagina. This reconstructed hymen behaves exactly like natural hymen thus regaining virginity.

Re-virgination versus Complete re-virgination

Re-virgination is the term used for restoration of hymen i.e. hymenoplasty.

Complete re-virgination is the term used for restoration of natural virgin genital structures in addition to hymen repair. Along with hymenoplasty the following procedures can be combined :-

labia minora reshaping – includes labiaplasty, labia reduction, correction of excessive hanging labia minora
correction of loose vagina (also called as vaginoplasty / vaginal tightening / vaginal rejuvenation)
labia majora rejuvenation – includes fat grafting

Loose and lax vagina in unmarried girls

Here a special note should be discussed regarding loose vagina in unmarried girls. Owing to repeated sexual encounters like in long term relationship, the vagina becomes loose and very lax. Hymenoplasty will ensure bleeding during post nuptial intercourse, but at the same time if the vagina is found loose, then this not only may effect pleasure but also may raise suspicion.

Along with the hymenoplasty, the loose vagina can be tightened (mini vaginoplasty, vaginal tightening, vaginal rejuvenation) if needed, giving the vagina a virgin look as well as virgin feel. This takes only 15 minutes additional and leads to complete re-virgination without any scar (hymenoplasty alone takes 30 minutes, complete re-virgination takes about 45 minutes). The complete restoration of natural vagina and natural hymen makes you 100 percent mentally secure with obvious reasons. We must remember that this vaginal rejuvenation is relatively simpler and faster as compared to the vaginal tightening in post delivery vagina.