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Hair Transplant in Patiala

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Hair Transplant in Patiala

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The Greek word "plastikos" generate the scientific term Plastic Surgery which is also known as aesthetic surgery or Cosmetic Surgery. This Surgery helps to reconstruct any deformed part of the human body. any physical part of the body, whether from birth or acquired later gives an invisible scar. Few years back, this was the curse of ugliness and considered as unavoidable stigma. But now a day nothing is impossible. Any part which is not attractive or aged or deformed like a burns mark, injuries or accidental marks can be transformed / corrected to the normal / beautiful with help of plastic Surgery.

Aesthetic surgery is a Surgery which beautifies ones appearance.Cosmetic Surgery is the common name for this surgery. It darely accepts the gods challenge and make the faces beautiful. Most of us, still unaware of the art of science.

Thanks to Dr. Ajata Shatru Kapoor who has been serving those people for more than a decade in Patiala - Punjab, during his practice he has helped lots of patients to regain their self-confidence by the art of science which is Cosmetic Surgery.

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