Hair Transplant In Patiala

Vaginal Rejuventation Surgery (Vaginal Tightening)

hair transplant in patialaRepeated child births cause dilatation of muscles of vagina leading to widening of vagina. Sexual pleasure is seriously affected by loss of normal tone and elasticity of vagina and pelvic muscles. Vaginal tightening usually combined with vulva rejuvenation to enhance aesthetic look of genitals, is one of the fast growing segment in plastic surgery. More and more women are coming to avail the plastic surgery facilities to enhance the genital aesthetics and sexual function as a part of 'mommy make over'. We have appreciated the comment by a husband – 'she is the same wife but a new girl' after these procedures.


To tighten the vagina to enhance sexual pleasure (making the vagina like pre-marital status)

In addition to tightening, symptoms related to urination / defecation may also get relieved as cystocele and rectocele are corrected

Duration of Procedure : 2-3 hrs
Anesthesia : General / regional
Recovery Time : 2-4 weeks. Physical contact is to be avoided for 6 -8 weeks
Longevity of Results : Long lasting to permanent, however child birth and aging affect the results.